Divine Guidance & Therapeutic Touch
Providing Angel Guidance/Psychic Sessions, Animal Communication, Reiki/Energy Healing Sessions, and Past Life Regressions      (509-307-5867)

                                 Summer Business Hours:                   
M - Thur: 6:00 to 8:00 pm

   Saturdays on occasion   

If they do not show or call to cancel their appointment, then they will forfit this payment. When they come to their appointment, their 50% payment will be applied to the balance of their appointment. Once established, all clients can choose to pay in advance or at the appointment.
All phone appointments will continued to be paid in advance to hold their spot.

    Angel Guidance (Psychic Sessions with the Angels)...
    I will start by sharing what your angels want you to know, and then give you the opportunity
    to ask questions. This session is great if you are seeking guidance about love, family, career, life purpose, or
    have questions about a specific person or event.
    This session can also be used as a consultation session if you have questions about furthering your career
    This is an opportunity to grow and heal. Be prepared to listen, as the angels may bring guidance for your present
    situation, or they may bring up guidance for past situations that you may have "forgotten" about but never truly
    healed from. This session is different for everyone, and is very spirit driven.
     * A few things to consider for your session...
     The clearer your questions, the clearer the answers we receive will be.
     Often people associate a psychic or intuitive reading with predictions and forcasting of events. It is important
     to note that I believe the future is not set in stone as we are all afforded free will. If I am shown future events,
     it often comes forward as the most likely outcome. But in most cases, you have the ability to change your
    course depending on your actions. Therefore, the information I bring forward is meant to empower and guide you.
     My intention is for you to feel empowered, inspired, and have greater clarity moving forward.

     * Up to 30 minutes     $55.00 

     * Up to 45 minutes     $75.00        

     * Up to 60 minutes     $95.00  

     * Up to 90 minutes     $135.00

    Sessions can be in person, or over the phone, as the Spirit of God knows no boundaries.

    Sessions by phone must be paid in advance through Pay Pal or by sending a check in advance.
   Payment with debit or credit card must be arranged in advance through Pay Pal services only.

  If you are ready to make some serious changes, and need the right person to guide you to a
   more fulfilling life, a series of six sessions or twelve Life Coaching with the Angel sessions may
   be just what you need to help you begin to truly transform your life.
   Six (1 hr) Angel Coaching Sessions for $465 (Reg. $570)
   Twelve (1 hr) Angel Coaching Sessions for $875 (Reg. $1140)
    The information received in a private reading in no way constitutes legal, marital or psychological counseling.
    All sales are final.


    Animal Communication
   If you have questions about your pet's behaviors or the relationship of your pet with others..
   just give me their name and type of animal and I will receive information to help validate the
   connection, and help receive information to help you. Pet communication is usually brief, so this is a great
   add-on to an Angel Intuitive Session, or can be a solo session if you have several animals you want to connect
   with. These are priced the same as the Angel Guidance Sessions. I also will do sessions to connect with your
   fur babies that have crossed the rainbow bridge. 
   I am sorry but I do not feel I have the right skills needed for finding lost pets. If you have a lost pet, I will be
   happy to refer someone more advanced in the skills of remote viewing.
   Reiki/ Spiritual Healing ..
    It may consist of one healing modality, or a combination of healing methods may be utilzed 
    according to your individual needs. Methods may include: Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, Healing Touch, Sound and
    Vibration Healing and/or Crystal Healing.  With an energy healing session, you may receive physical, emotional,
    and /or spiritual healing.
    Medical studies have shown that Reiki has the following effects: it reduces stress and stress reactions, lowers
    blood pressure, lowers heart and respiratory rates, reduces bleeding and pain, raises red blood cell count, helps
    with insomnia, and calms anxiety.
    Clinical research has shown that Therapeutic Touch can reduce pain, induce profound relaxation, promote rest   
    and sleep, lessens anxiety, and accelerates wound healing.
    Your energy healing session may also have an effect on psychological and spiritual levels.
    If you have specific questions that you want to explore, then the Angel Guidance Session would be the right
    choice for you instead of this Energy Healing Session.

    * 60 minutes $65.00    

     * 90 minutes        $95.00   

   Reiki has a cumulative effect. For anxiety issues or illness, a series of sessions produces the
    greatest effect.   
    I offer a series of (3) 1 hour sessions for $165!  (Reg. $210)
   (6) 1 hour sessions for $320!  (Reg. $420)

     Services are are complementary to standard care and are not a replacement for medical treatment or psychological
     services. All sales for any specials or group discounts are final.

    Past Life Regressions.
    If you want to explore a certain theme that keeps occuring in your life, or perhaps explore if you have
    had a past life with someone you share this lifetime with, you may benefit from a past life regression.
    The session with start with relaxing your mind and body to prepare for your past life journey, and will
    also include a brief journey to the other side, as well as time afterwards to review the information you received.
    Past Life Regressions are most helpful when you have a specific theme or relationship you wish to explore
    versus a general " I want to see what I have to learn from my past lives." If you have had multiple past lives,
    that is a pretty vague instruction for your subconcious and cellular memory to choose from!
    Please allow up to  1 1/2 hours for the appointment.
    Please do not drink more than 1 or 2 cups of coffee or caffeinated beverages, any alcoholic beverages or take
    any mind altering substances the day of your session. Hypnosis is a relaxed state of mind, and you are in
    full control of yourself at all times.

   * $150               Please allow 1 1/2 hours for your session

    Special Events... in Moxee or Yakima only. You can hire Jenette for a bridal shower, a family reunion, or 
    other special event. Make these special occasions memorable, by bringing Jenette in to connect with your
    guests' angels to receive personal messages. This is done in a one-on-one format, not a group setting.
    One may have another person or two beside them as they receive their session, but this is not a  group
    reading service. If such service is desired, Jenette may allow small groups of approximately 6 to 10 people                     if discussed in advance,  but the hourly rate would be the same.
    The cost is $150 an hour with a 2 hour minimum if scheduled on a week night, and a 1  
   hour minimum if scheduled on a Saturday. Saturday dates are limited. This helps to cover cost of the travel,
    as well as the personal attention each of your guests will receive at your special event. You decide how long
    each guest receives.
  I respect your time and expect you to respect mine. I appreciate a 24 hour notice if you need to cancel, however,
    I know illness and emergencies occur, so please give me as much notice as possible in these situations.

  Jenette tithes (10%) of all earnings from Divine Guidance & Therapeutic Touch

   Payment is due the day service is received. Thank you.

  Payments with debit or credit cards must be arranged in advance through Pay Pal only.

       I also carry sage, frankinsense, sandalwood and cedar for personal and room cleansing!

    ** Don't forget that a gift certificate can make a truly unique and thoughtful gift for a friend or family member!

      Call or text  509-307-5867 or email divineguidance444@msn.com to set up your appointment